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Honestly, this is 2014.  If you can’t get over the fact that we have more than just one religion in the world and everyone’s rights doesn’t revolve around yours then you really need to just take a spaceship to the sun and burn, cos you’re just a waste of a human body.  Everything you blame gays for is something you yourself do.  Stop living your lives by a book that you don’t even follow yourself.  Love thy neighbor.  There is no addendum about only loving them if they’re straight.  If we’re going to follow this book, we might as well clear up a lot of other things too.  Like when you get a divorce, the woman must be stoned.  Oh, wait, that’s a bit much for you?  Well, we can shame the gays, why not shame the women?  Too much?  Then shut the fucking book, sit there and think about how much of an asshole you are and pray for forgiveness for treating God’s creations so poorly.  Take care of your children, respect everyone regardless of their personal beliefs or love life, and just get along.  Is that REALLY all that much to ask?

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